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Currently, we have an expanding catalog of laboratory goods, including our Powder-Free Nitrile Examination Gloves. Shop now to see the latest deals!

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PCR consumables

Kashi Scientific offers competitive prices on high quality PCR plates and tube strips. Click below to learn more.

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catalog of laboratory goods

As a small business, we are constantly trying to expand our inventory. Shop Now to see what products are available today or contact us to have one of our representatives guide you step by step to find what you need!

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Optimize Laboratory or Clinic Workflow

In addition to sourcing the best products for our clients, we have a team on staff who specializes in optimizing work flow for any business. We offer support in:

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Reducing Turn Around Time and Overhead Costs

Determining Short and Long Term Business Goals
Establishing a Thorough Analytics Platform

Adjusting Work Flows According to Data and Long Term Plans

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