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Safety Holder with Safety Shield



  • Needle Safety Holders with Safety Shield
  • Reduce needle stick accidents
  • Single-Use

IMPROVACUTER® safety holders offer a simple and effective way to minimize accidental needle pokes with one-handed activation technique, and reduce the possibility of clinicians being exposed to bloodborne viruses from contaminated needles. This safety holder has two sides, one for the needle and one for the collection tube. Additionally, this holder has an extra safety shield that can be placed on the needle when the draw is complete. The IMPROVACUTER® safety holder is compatible with Improve blood collection needles, as well as any other standard sized blood collection needle.


Kashi Scientific has partnered with Improve Medical Manufacturing Company to provide high quality blood collection devices to our clients. Our products are all registered with the FDA and are in full compliance with FDA regulations and guidelines. Our blood collection devices are designed to provide a convenient sample collection process to your facility or clinic. As our company continues to grow, we plan to grow our catalog as well. Until we get there, feel free to call us and inquire about any products that you don’t currently see listed.

  • Needle Safety Holders with Safety Shield
  • Reduce needle stick accidents
  • Single-Use
Weight 5 kg

Pack of 40, Case of 1000


Improve Medical Improvacuter


Pack of 40


Polyethylene terephthalate(PET)



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